Bottled Joy 500ml running water bottle

The blue/pink Bottled Joy 500ml Running Water Bottle is so pretty, got many compliments! I was looking for a way to drink more water and this bottle is perfect. I researched other brands that had a straw but there were mixed reviews and I decided against a straw. I really like this one because the opening is big enough to put ice cubes and fruit but the spout that you drink from is small enough that it won’t spill out when you’re trying to drink. I also love that the lettering on the bottle isn’t large and obnoxious. I just needed to know at what time I need to drink towards. It’s also very easy to carry when full. Overall 5/5 love it!!!

Bottled Joy 500ml running water bottle

If you're looking for a gallon water bottle this one is great. It's leak proof and great for measuring your intake. It has a measurement of ounces and also has time stamps so you have an idea of where you are at. I've used it for the past month now and it's been amazing.

 500ml Running Water Bottle

500ml running water bottleBottled joy

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