750ml sports water bottle

I have had many problems with dehydration and having been trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Having this bottle helps me greatly to reach my goal of drinking a gallon a day. I feel like it’s easier to have one bottle to fill at the start of the day then to get a smaller one and have to refill through the day. Also sometimes I would lose count. This bottle seems durable and came with clear instructions on how to care for it. Lastly I love the little book they added because I will use it for keychains to add some of my style to the bottle.

Bottled Joy 750ml sports water bottle

I used to really hate refilling my water bottles. That’s when I committed to getting a gallon water bottle that I would only have to refill once. In addition to how easy it is to drink out of this bottle without spilling all over myself, it’s really easy to clean, and The information on the side of the bottle really helps. I find myself drinking all the water that I need to drink relatively easily, and the handle is perfect for controlling it whether if it is full, or almost empty.

Bottled Joy 750ml sports water bottle

750ml sports water bottleBottled joy

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