best 2.2 litre water bottle

Always getting dehydrated from rarely drinking water, so decided to get this to remind me how much I should be drinking throughout my day. Love the designs with inspiration for each time of day. Fits 7 water bottles full so perfect amount! Sturdy container with large opening and leak-proof cap. Handle works great and design of container is awesome so it is not rolling around in my fridge - would highly recommend!!!

best 2.2 litre water bottle

Despite everything, this bottle has so far survived a teenager. The mouth is wide enough to place ice cubes in the bottle. It could be a bit too wide to drink from and I wish there was a straw option but my son doesn’t seem to mind. I like that it can hold up to a gallon and seems to be well built. The price was right.

Bottled Joy

Best 2.2 litre water bottleBottled joy

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