Bottled Joy

I have been using everyday water gallon jugs from the grocery store and smaller water bottles with oz markings - but this one really helps me track how much water I need to make sure I get down by certain times of the day. Well made, easy to read - I'll be drinking lots more water now!

Bottled Joy outdoor research water bottle tote 1L

Quality water bottle! I was expecting it to be thinner plastic but it’s actually really sturdy. The top seals well and hasn’t leaked yet. Bought two, one for my husband and one for myself. we both agree that they were a good purchase! Would recommend. The only downside is that when the bottle is completely full it’s a little hard to drink out of but that’s only because it’s a full gallon I’m trying to hold up.

outdoor research water bottle tote 1L

Bottled joyOutdoor research water bottle tote 1l

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