Bottled Joy Personalised Team Water Bottle

Excellent product, leak proof, great handle. I love it for work, the time matrix in the side helps me to keep up with staying hydrated. Plan to buy the other 2 sizes.

Bottled Joy personalised team water bottle

This bottle ROCKS!! My husband drinks a lot of water and this had made all thr difference. It is easy to clean and easy to drink from. It is a thick, rigid plastic which feels durable. Definitely well made.. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is big on hydration.

Bottled Joy personalised team water bottle

It has been a goal of mine for quite some time to drink my full serving amounts of water daily. I've tried lots of things, but this seems to be the first thing that has worked. I love the times on the side. It keeps me on track. It is easy to hold, but obviously with the water and ice (since it has a wide mouth opening) it gets a bit heavy at the start of the day. It just encourages me more the lighter it gets. I wish it kept water cold like some of these Hydroflask types, but I cringe to think how heavy it would be then. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Bottle joyPersonalised team water bottles

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