smiggle football drink bottle

I have had a hard time drinking enough water for years. I hoped that getting something with a time / checkpoint maker on it would help me and I have to say that it dramatically has. I drink more water now than ever and I'm so happy with my purchase. The football drink bottle says DEHP and BPA free so that's good, I would definitely avoiding leaving it in a hot car as with any plastic bottle you are going to be drinking from, they let you know that right on the instructions so props to them. Very happy customer.

Bottled Joy smiggle football drink bottle

I love this thing so far. I've had it for about a week and it has helped my daily water intake for sure. I've gotten compliments on it and even motivated a couple of coworkers to purchase one as well. My only sons are the color is starting to fade In chunks (a coworker received hers with a big chunk of color missing at the top) and it's kind of hard to get the very last drip, but I'd rather have that problem than drinking through a straw with it.

Bottled Joy smiggle football drink bottle

Bottled joySmiggle football drink bottle

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