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Therefore, the meaning of the sports bottle is the water equipment carried by outdoor sports. Compared with other water tools, the sports bottle has the characteristics of sturdiness, durability, safety and reliability, and convenient insurance. The sports water bottle is not only used during exercise, but can also be used in many occasions, so it is welcomed by many consumers.

The sports water bottle can be filled with boiling water, but it cannot be kept warm. In fact, as a tool for carrying water, the kettle has a simple structure and a single purpose. In history, the most commonly used water bottle in outdoor sports is made from the leather and viscera of plants or animals similar to gourds. However, such containers can no longer meet the needs of modern outdoor sports in many aspects such as safety and hygiene. With the development of science, plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum kettles have also appeared one after another, and have been widely used for a long time.

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Sports water bottle purchase skills:

Sports water bottles are mostly made of pure aluminum. As a large country of aluminum products, China has a complete range of products. In terms of material selection, each manufacturer will be different. Many domestic water bottle brands mark the use of 99% purity. Pure aluminum, but the actual situation is not like this, so pay attention to the material of the water bottle when purchasing a sports water bottle.

The wall thickness of a general sports water bottle is 0.7mm. Because it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the wall thickness of a sports water bottle, some manufacturers will reduce the wall thickness of the water bottle to save materials and judge the wall thickness of the sports water bottle in order to reduce costs. An intuitive feeling of thickness is that if you compare it in your hand, a water bottle with a thinner wall is much lighter.

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A good sports water bottle uses two-shot injection molding technology, which directly integrates the gasket and the bottle cover, achieving a good sealing effect, and fundamentally preventing the possibility of detachment. The sealing performance of the water bottle depends on the water bottle. If the degree of fit between the lid and the thread of the cup mouth is not high, water leakage may occur during use, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to use.

Nowadays, many sports water bottles have sharp threaded edges. Good sports water bottles will be processed and handled more humanely. The edges of the threads will be curved to completely eliminate the possibility of scratching fingers and lips. .

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