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Plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum are available.
The advantages of plastics: light weight, thermal conductivity, slow installation, hot water is not hot, big mouth, low price. Disadvantages: not abrasion-resistant, unqualified materials will have harmful substances.

Healthy water bottle

Stainless steel advantages: strong, no harmful substances, harmless to people, heat-resistant. Disadvantages: The single-layer heat conduction is fast and wear-resistant. The double-layer stainless steel container requires high processing accuracy, and the joints are prone to water leakage and bacteria.
Advantages of aluminum products: light and stylish. Disadvantages: heat conduction is too fast, you can't get it with hot water, and you can't get it with cold water. Aluminum products are too soft to bump into pits, and excessive intake of aluminum can cause harm to the human body.

 Healthy water bottle

Today I will focus on the sports water bottle made of Healthy material. This kind of plastic has many advantages. It was invented in 2007. It has solved many of the disadvantages of plastics. It has good toughness, high impact strength, high hydrolysis stability, chemical resistance, high transparency, and there is no bisphenol A (BPA) in PC. , It can be said that it is approaching perfection.

Materials of sports water bottles

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