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Many cycling enthusiasts like to go out and ride. If a bottle cage is installed on the car, it can be used to store the water bottle, and it is convenient to drink water during riding.

  • 1. First of all, you should buy a mountain bike bottle cage of the same specification. It can be purchased in a physical store or online, and it must be of the same size.
  • MTB Water Bottle
  • 2. Locate the position of the two hexagon socket screws under the beam of the mountain bike. This is where the bottle cage is installed. First use a tool to loosen the two screws.
  • MTB Water Bottle
  • 3. Unpack the bottle cage and check the installation diagram. Then put the bottle cage on the installation position and check whether the screw holes are right.
  • MTB Water Bottle
  • 4. Hold the bottle cage with one hand, pick up the screw with the other, put it in the hole, turn the screw with your hand, and lock the screw slowly. Tighten both screws first to fix the bottle cage first.
  • MTB Water Bottle
  • 5. Use an Allen key of the same model to securely tighten the two screws. Break the bottle cage with your hand to see if it shakes. If it is loose, continue to lock it.
  • MTB Water Bottle
  • 6. Choose a water bottle of the right size, and then put it on the bottle cage for a try. Generally, water bottles of the same size are available. This is to test the kettle, you can make a special one.
MTB Water Bottle
Installing the mountain bike bottle cage is relatively simple, and the main thing is to have tools. The bottle cage is not expensive, you can buy it yourself and install it.
Mtb water bottle

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