Bottled Joy purple sports bottle

Ok. So, let me preface this with "I am that weirdo." This bottle has helped me to regulate my water intake. I have been drinking a gallon of water a day for over 3 years. I found myself eventually drinking the gallon of water wayyyyy too fast. The Bottled Joy water bottle has helped me to pace myself when I drink my daily gallon. The drinking opening is similar to the size of a gallon jug making drinking the water easy and saves you lips from the "straw lip" fine lines, as I like to call them. The bottle is sturdy and easy to hold with one hand. Get your hydration on with Bottled Joy, for real.

Bottled Joy purple sports bottles

My son wanted to start drinking more water everyday and asked me to get him a gallon jug/bottle. This one seemed really nice for the money, and it is. It has a nice wide opening and a great cap that doesn't leak. You can't wash it in the dishwasher, so he says washing it "can be a pain". ;)

Bottled Joy Purple Sports Bottle

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