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Nowadays, more and more people like bicycle riding, and in the process of riding, our body will lose a lot of water. Therefore, it is particularly important to replenish water anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the unspoken rule of "three no borrowing" in cycling circles, the first one is "not borrowing water." How important is water in cycling? In fact, there are often such descriptions in various film and television dramas and novels: that thirsty expression, that chapped lips, that conveys a piece of water that no one can bear to drink, and that precious sip of water like nectar in a critical moment...

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Because it is important, in general, every senior rider will control the amount of water in his kettle according to the distance, and never let his kettle run out of water. However, many novices are relatively inexperienced, and some even dare to go on the road without a kettle, and some start to pour water before they catch their breath, and some simply ask for water after drinking. Not lending you water is not only because I don't want to taste your saliva, but also because water is related to my own life safety.

You know, you can't buy mineral water in the deep mountains and old forests! Don't think this is a joke, we often ride for a long time before we meet a family during long-distance riding! So, which bicycle water bottle is better? Let’s take a look at several major bicycle water bottle brands and single products on the market.


CatEye is the world's leading manufacturer of bicycle odometers, lights and mirrors. Founded in Osaka, Japan in 1946. CatEye produced the first bicycle flashlight in 1964, and then produced the first white LED bicycle headlight in 2001. This headlight is gradually selling well all over the world. In 1981, CatEye's first bicycle odometer was released. The cutting-edge odometer made CatEye the world's first brand that combines altitude, heart rate, and rhythm measurement technology. Products include: bicycle odometer, car lights, bottle cages and connectable rearview mirrors.
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2. Giant, Taiwan

Giant is originally a famous bicycle brand, and it also produces a variety of bicycle-related products, such as bicycle pumps, bicycle water bottles, and bicycle riding bags. This bicycle water bottle is made of food-grade PP material, and the appearance is the image of a transparent bottom mountain.
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3. Germany EROADE

EROADE is a German-style high-quality trendy bicycle brand. Every component is strictly produced in accordance with European standards to prevent rough manufacturing and strictly improve the performance of the entire vehicle. EROADE bicycles are made of aluminum alloy. The design is simple and lightweight, and it is generous and rich in content. It is suitable for putting in the trunk of a car and taking it at any time. It is a good tool for fitness, travel and outing. EROADE adopts German industrial axis pipe extraction technology to reduce weight and increase strength.
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EROADE's high-modulus carbon frame has a much higher strain resistance than ordinary carbon fiber frames. At the same time, the weight is lighter, the strength is higher, the rigidity is better, and the good shock absorption ability can alleviate the resonance phenomenon between the parts. Whether in the mountains, rocky ridges or bushes of thorns, Enold can walk on the ground.

4. American Polar Bottle

The Polar Bear Polar Bottle is the only cycling water bottle in the world that can really effectively keep cold. Although Thermos and Zojirushi have also launched a vacuum flask called "Riding Water Bottle", the single "no need to get off the car and open the lid" was thrown away by PB. Out of Eighteen Streets. This kettle is claimed to have twice the cold retention time of ordinary cycling kettles. According to the actual measurement of a cycling enthusiast, it is not only that after three to five hours of riding in summer, the water temperature only rises by about three degrees Celsius. It's still cool, and ordinary metal kettles tend to be at room temperature within an hour.
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Since it was put into production in the United States in 1994, Polar Bottle has always adhered to local production in the United States. The material does not contain BPA, and the safety can be assured. Moreover, the body material is of good quality, anti-falling and compressive, and has a guaranteed service life. Can be washed in a dishwasher.

5. Switzerland sigg

The brand history of SIGG can be traced back to 1908. Kung SIGG & Cie, the parent company of SIGG, located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, was one of the pioneers in the leisure and kitchen aluminum industry. Swiss SIGG began to focus its business on "kettle and outdoor" in 1988, while other businesses were sold to Kuhn-Spring Group. Since then, Swiss SIGG has devoted all its energy to the SIGG water bottle, an internationally renowned brand of aluminum alloy beverage bottles, as well as related accessories and water filters.
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SIGG is the world's first brand of sports water bottles today, produced in Switzerland. The processing technology of this water bottle is very special. It is extruded and stretched from a piece of aluminum (aerospace aluminum alloy material, ultra-light, strong, and non-cracking). The process is made. The price of the sports bottle series is about 200~300 yuan. The special coating inside SIGG sports bottle meets food hygiene standards. The bottle is durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, leak-proof and easy to keep clean. In addition to water, it can also hold a variety of juices.

6. TAI°C degree of titanium

TAI°C is a British luxury cup brand, focusing on the research and development of pure titanium products. The product line covers: vacuum flasks, beer mugs, MINI cups, hip flasks, sports bottles, mugs, forks and spoons and other pure titanium lifestyle products Supplies are the best choice for gifts.
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Advantages: pure titanium inside and outside, proficient in the color treatment of the titanium itself, inspired by Monet's oil painting, the cup body presents a gemstone luster, recognizable; British style, brand logo fashion atmosphere, minimalist style packaging, private customization; has been entered In the Chinese market, there are official purchase channels, various colors and styles, and a high price/performance ratio.

The disadvantage is that the niche is light luxury and the brand popularity is low.

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