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Everyone on the earth knows that life lies in exercise. Sports will wick away perspiration and make the body in a state of hunger and thirst. If you do not replenish water in time, it may cause dehydration and even endanger your life. Especially when you are outdoors, you can't find water supply anytime and anywhere, and because of the high consumption, your body is more dependent on water than when sitting in the office. Therefore, the sports water bottle is one of the essential sports equipment for sports enthusiasts. Today I will recommend a good-looking and practical Adidas sports water bottle for you.


Bottle Joy sports water bottle

Super high value, safe and environmentally friendly

This water bottle is very suitable for the feeling of sports style from the appearance value. The bottle body is made of high temperature resistant glass, and it can be filled with cold water and hot water. The lid of the kettle is made of food grade PP, does not contain bisphenol A and polyvinyl chloride, is non-toxic and has no peculiar smell, so it is safer to use.


Comfortable hand feeling, heat insulation and non-slip

The silicone jacket feels very comfortable to hold in the hand. The silicone jacket has a good thermal insulation effect, prevents burns, increases friction, and prevents slipping caused by sweating in the palm.

Pull ring silicone water bottle lid, sealed and leak-proof

The pull-tab lid design is fully covered by silicone, which is easy to carry and effective. There is a built-in sealing ring in the lid of the kettle, so it does not leak from bumps and shakes, making it safer to carry out.

 water bottle

Simple design, trendy and fashionable

Water is the source of life, 70%-80% of our body is made of water. Exercise more and drink plenty of water. It is recommended to replenish water in small amounts and several times. Drink 150-200ml of water every about 20 minutes during exercise. This will help maintain the balance of water in the body, but will not increase due to drinking a lot of water. The burden of the heart and stomach.

Bottle Joy sports water bottle contains not only water, but also an attitude to life. Prepare a sports bottle and enjoy sports happily!
Bottle joyBottle joy sports water bottle

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