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If your bottle cover & cap is broken, you can choose to buy 2 water bottle caps,

three water bottle caps

or when you buy a water bottle, we praise you a water bottle cap (You need to email us before buying, let us confirm whether you are a BOTTLED JOY customer. )

Bottled Joy focuses on sports water bottles, outdoor water bottles, direct drinking water bottles, straw water bottles, gallon water bottles, children water bottles, all kinds of fashionable water bottles; welcome to come to customize, we can customize various water bottles according to your needs with your logo.

Gallon Water Bottle with Handle Gallon Water Bottle with Handle 
 Bottled Joy Bottles Bottled Joy Bottles
 Bottled Joy Bottles Bottled Joy Bottles
 Bottled Joy Bottles Bottled Joy Bottles
 Bottled Joy Bottles Bottled Joy Bottles

Product mass customization details

1 PCS/polybag
52*52*50CM   11KG
3000 pieces, small batch can also be customized, welcome to consult
Any color is ok, please provide PANTONE code
1. PLA+PBAT compostable/biodegradable bag packaging by default

2. White box and color box can be added
delivery time
1. The time of mass production is about 35 days

2. The delivery time is different for different quantities
OEM & ODM accepted
warm prompt
1. Please fill it with warm water and leave it for 5 minutes before the first use to remove the gum taste of the new product.

2. Please do not put the kettle full of water in the freezer, but in the standard freezer. It is strictly prohibited

Put it in the microwave.

3. It is recommended to have a kettleholder for hot water, which can not only avoid hot hands but also have the effect of heat

4. To ensure hygiene, clean bottle caps and POTS regularly.

Product specifications:

2.2L/2.5L/3L/1Gallon (volume size can be customized)

Port:      shenzhen Hong Kong

Our Product Certificate

Bottled Joy Bottles

Bottled Joy Bottles

Bottled Joy Bottles


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