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1. Brand introduction (Birth of the company / American market)

2. Product series

3. Professional technology

4. Brand Honor

5. Reference materials

Encyclopedia business card

English name: Bottledjoy Bottle
Birth time: 1999
Brand Origin: China

Bottledjoy Bottle Encyclopedia

Brand slogan: Bottledjoy Bottle is with you, thank you for being there along the way!

The Bottledjoy Bottle brand was born in Shenzhen, China in 1999. The company's goal is to develop high-quality drinking glasses to meet more consumers' pursuit of quality for healthy drinking water.

The Bottledjoy Bottle brand addresses people's troubles and worries during drinking, such as children choking water, overflowing water after a cup is overturned, and inconvenience in drinking water while driving, etc., proposes and develops a series of simple, novel functions, and environmentally friendly. The functional series of water ware can solve the problems encountered in drinking water in daily life. The design concept of the company's products is to allow users to truly appreciate the convenience of the Bottledjoy Bottle water bottle, and to make drinking water a happy life experience. The product line includes thermos cup series, sports cup series, car cup series, children cup series, straw cup, mountaineering cup series, etc. Continuous innovation, stylish design and excellent quality complement each other, which is the unique feature of Bottledjoy Bottle products. These advantages helped Bottledjoy Bottle establish its position in the American water cup market, and achieved the leading sales volume in the United States, while selling well all over the world.

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1. Brand introduction (the leading water bottle in the U.S.)

In 1999, Bottledjoy Bottle? Happy Bottled Water Bottle? Was born in Xinyuetang, Shenzhen, China. This is a company that brings together design elites from all over the world. Its design style is famous for its fashion, novelty, practicality, and the use of colors. It has a long-standing reputation in China. Among them, Bottledjoy Bottle? Happy Bottled bottle? 1 Gallon series water bottle is one of the masterpieces. The one-key closure function design of the water bottle has applied for invention patents in the United States, European Union, China, Japan and other world regulations. The fashionable plastic parts of 1Gallon series cups do not contain bisphenol BPA. The color matching is suitable for users of all ages. Its biggest feature is the ease of operation and safety of pressing the engine with one hand. Unique patented sealing design, one-key closing function is most suitable for driving and office white-collar workers. Now it has become the best-selling drinking cup in the United States and a well-known brand in the United States.

The Bottledjoy Bottle brand is the world's top home furnishing manufacturer, and has always been well-known for its creativity. Its Bottledjoy Bottle cup has won the IDEA Design Award and the world-renowned Red Dot Award, and its excellent product design stands out in the industry.

Chinese market Bottledjoy Bottle? Happy Bottled Water Bottle? After entering the US market, it has won the favor and praise of Chinese consumers for its exquisite design, unique functionality, safety and environmental protection features and stylish appearance.

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Bottledjoy Bottle? Happy Bottled Water Bottle? With its differentiated and subdivided design, its products have created a next-epoch revolution of water cups! Those large-sized, small-capacity insulated water cups that look stupid will be swept by the Bottledjoy Bottle? Happy bottled water bottle? The slim ergonomic body and super insulation performance! Bottledjoy Bottle? Happy Bottled Water Bottle?, Represents fashion, taste, and also represents the environmentally friendly life attitude of bringing water! Let's GO-Bottledjoy Bottle together.

2. Professional technology

  • 1). Global patented one-handed operation AutoSeal--Automatic locking system (drip does not leak) one-key opening and closing function, one-handed drinking operation. Just press the Autoseal button to drink, no need to twist the lid! Release your finger, the lid will automatically close, drip-proof, safe and easy to carry. A water cup filled with water is accidentally poured on a computer or document or paper, and the water will not leak out, and the computer facilities and documents will be damaged. The Autoseal button can be used repeatedly for more than 100,000 times and is durable.
  • 2). Optimize the flow rate of the water cup and optimize the vent (no water choking) The lid design optimizes the flow control, and the humanized design will not choke water. There is also a vent design, which can discharge the hot steam in the cup before drinking; when drinking water, negative pressure is generated in the cup, and the air is smooth, making it easier to drink and suck.
  • 3). Wave-shaped cup body (easy to hold) The wave-shaped design is more stable to hold, it is also suitable for most of the cup holders in the car, the user can hold it freely, and the appearance is beautiful.
  • 4). Double Wall---Double-layer vacuum technology (long-lasting heat preservation) The double-layer vacuum technology of the cup body is advanced, which can keep heat for 4 hours (above 70℃) and keep cold for 12 hours, which is four times more than ordinary stainless steel vacuum flask. Holding time.
  • 5). Tritan? Tritan material-never contain bisphenol BPA (safe and healthy) Tritan? Tritan material used in the cup is provided by Eastman (Eastman), 100% free of bisphenol BPA chemicals
  • 6). High-quality medical-grade stainless steel material inner liner is pure, multi-stage grinding, without any chemical coating, and is anti-tea stain and coffee stain.
  • 7). Carabiner snap buckle--can be buckled in any position (easy to carry). Carabiner snap buckle can be buckled on any position of sports bag, travel bag or jeans. It is convenient to carry and free your hands.

3. Product Series

  • 1).Tritan sports cup made of Tritan, single-layer straw cup and double-layer insulated straw cup, without BPA.
  • 2). 100% FDA-approved, bisphenol-free BPA-free children's cups and children's single-layer straw cups, without PVC. Made out of 100% FDA-approved, BPA-free materials.
  • 3).304 high-quality medical stainless steel single-layer sports cup, single-layer straw cup and double-layer insulation cup.
  • 4) All the materials of Bottledjoy Bottle have been double-tested by authoritative inspection agencies in China and the United States, and the materials comply with the US FDA and EU regulations.

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4. Brand Honor

German Red Dot Product Design Award

German IF Product Design Award

The IDEA Design Award hosted by BusinessWeek magazine for nursing use

Care and use tips

  • When the cup is in the vertical position before drinking, first press the AUTOSEAL button. In order to relieve all the pressure caused, the release button will automatically seal.
  • The AUTOSEAL button is normally in the closed position. The product is leak-proof and requires proper maintenance and proper assembly.
  • The product can be used for hot and cold beverages.
  • Wash all parts by hand with warm water and a small amount of detergent before use. Clean the open position of the lid. Rinse thoroughly
  • After and keep dry. Store the water bottle separately from the lid.
  • The lid is safe to put in the dishwasher.
  • Check before drinking to ensure that the lid and the cup are tightened properly.
  • The purpose of sealing the lid is to prevent accidental overturning.

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  • Do not use cleaning tools containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives, and/or other harmful chemicals.
  • Do not put into the microwave oven and can not freeze.
  • Not recommended for carbonated beverages, because pressure buildup may cause overflow or spraying.

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