BOTTLED JOY Bottle Cover & Cap (2 pcs)|If the lid of the water bottle is broken, you can replace it

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Type: blue lid(2pcs)
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The caps(lid/cover) of the 2.2L, 2.5, 1 gallon water bottle are universal, so feel free to buy them.

Pay Attention:

Before placing an order, please confirm that this is a water bottle cover, not a water bottle. We specialize in providing bottle cap replacement for customers who purchase our BOTTLED JOY water bottle.

BOTTLED JOY Bottle Cover

Because the water bottle cover is sent from Shenzhen, China, considering our cost, you need to place an order to buy 2 one (Tip: The stainless steel water bottle has only one cap.) before we can ship it. But you can also buy a water bottle again, and we can praise you with another water bottle lid.

If you choose "Buy a water bottle and bring a free water bottle cover", you need to write an email to us and let us confirm that you are our BOTTLED JOY fan. Thank you!

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