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What shipping options do you offer?

Shipping is free.

Orders are shipped within 2 working day and arrive in 10-15 days!

How long will my order take to ship?
We do our best to ship all orders within 48 business hours. If your order is extra special, feel free to give us a call and we'll try to get it out that same day.

What is your return policy?
We’re happy to offer a 15 day return policy/satisfaction guarantee. If, for whatever reason you aren’t happy, we’ll exchange or refund your purchase. Please allow 2 weeks for the refund to appear in your account.

Please email service@bottledjoybottle.com with your order number and what items you’re returning to get the ball rolling.

We do not cover return shipping costs.

If you did not purchase your bottle from bottledjoybottle.com, please return your product at the place you originally purchased it.

Can I exchange my Bottled Joy Bottle?
Bottle didn't match your kit? Need a different size? We understand, and want to make sure you get a bottle you love. You can exchange any bottle that hasn't been totally abused within 15 days of purchase.

Please email service@bottledjoybottle.com with your order number and what items you want to exchange and we'll make it happen.

What if I just need a replacement part?


Where are Bottled Joy Bottle products made?
All Bottled Joy Bottles are manufactured in China.

All of our products are shipped directly from our office in Shenzhen, CO.

What kind of plastic is used in Bottled Joy Bottle?

The insulated inner and outer layers of the Bottled Joy bottles are made of Tritan plastic.

How do I remove the valve on my cap?
Make sure the valve is open before trying to remove it — we also suggest taking the cap off the bottle.

Turn the valve until you’ve aligned the dots on the valve and cap — you may have to apply a little extra pressure when turning the valve to line it up correctly.

The little “wings” on the valve will slip underneath the vertical sidewalls of the cap and then you can pull the valve straight out. Presto!

Is it safe to put Bottled Joy Bottle Water Bottles in the freezer?
The Bottled Joy Water Bottles are freezer safe so long as the bottle is not more than 3/4 full. Freezing a full bottle could cause the bottle to split. Filling a bottle halfway, freezing it overnight and topping it off in the morning before a long day is a great way to keep your water cold all day.

Can I put hot liquids in my Bottled Joy Bottle?
While the Bottled Joy bottle is designed to insulate cold liquids, it can safely handle warm liquids and the insulating properties will keep your hot drinks warmer longer as well. The insulation also help prevent water from freezing in the winter. We do not recommend using the bottle for liquids that are boiling, that would be a tongue scorcher!

How do I clean my Bottled Joy Bottle?
Our bottles are dishwasher safe, we recommend placing on the top shelf. If your bottle gets extra yucky from the use of nutrition mixes, we recommend using our all natural Bottle Bright cleaning tablets.


Do you offer custom bottle orders?
Interested in custom bottles for your team, company or event? Send a note to service@bottledjoybottle.com with your quantity and timeline.

Do you offer bulk ordering or have a corporate gifting program?
We do! Send a note to service@bottledjoybottle.com with your quantity and timeline.

How do I contact you directly?
Have a question? We can point you in the right direction.





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Updated on December 20, 2023

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