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Challenger Breadware Cast Iron Bread Pan

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The only one of its kind, this vessel is designed like a reverse dutch oven—with a large, domed lid and more shallow base—and is made from thick cast iron, so it both seals in steam and retains heat to yield the perfect loaf. It’s large enough to accommodate nearly any size of bread and doesn’t require the elaborate workarounds like dutch ovens, baking stones and other equipment does. The Challenger is a combination cooker, which features a large, sturdy lid and a flatter base. It’s much easier to load your dough into the vessel without having to move around high walls and it’s also easier to reach in and score your dough. It’s crafted from heirloom-quality, hand-seasoned extra-thick cast iron, which delivers robust radiant heat to promote even cooking. The dark material does an incredible job at retaining its temperature and steam; it’s essentially an oven within your oven, so the temperature won’t be lost when you remove the lid and the lid itself creates an incredibly tight seal to prevent heat leaks (and achieve that perfect golden crust). Plus, the sturdy cast iron won’t crack like clay bakers will. ​ Specifications ​ Net Weight: 22 pounds Dimensions: 15.4“ x 10.5“ x 5.4“ Materials: Cast iron, trace other metals (carbon 2.5-4.2, silicon 1.0-3.0, manganese 0.15-1.0, sulfur 0.02-0.25, phosphorus 0.02-1.0.) The time it takes to reach this suggested temperature will vary depending on your oven. Your pan retains consistent heat longer than other baking vessels and therefore you may need to adjust your usual bake times. Please monitor baking times closely during the first few uses and adjust oven heat and bake times as necessary. Minor smoking may occur during your first few bakes. This is normal and safe and will not affect your bread. The smoking will soon dissipate. Care: This item is cast iron so thorough drying and frequent oiling is necessary to prevent rusting and to protect the seasoned finish. Steam is the secret to a loaf with a crispy, brown crust, tender crumb and full volume, but it can be a challenge to maintain a good steam level in a home oven, since they’re designed to decrease moisture. And using other equipment like baking stones and steels require even more elaborate workarounds to create steam. Dutch ovens are a better option, but still let too much steam leak out. But the Challenger’s heavy lid makes an airtight seal to trap steam and moisture inside during the initial baking stage to help your dough rise. And the domed shape leaves room for more steam to generate, too. This item is cast iron so thorough drying and frequent oiling is necessary to prevent rusting and to protect the seasoned finish. It is also very heavy and need to be moved to and from a 500 degree oven multiple times.