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Embark Dog DNA Test, Breed Identification Kit

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Find out what your dogs DNA says about his or her breed. ancestry. and more with a simple cheek swab with an Embark Breed Identification Kit. Discover and connect with dogs that share DNA with yours using the worlds only canine relative finder. free with purchase.


  • Breed discovery: Embark screens for over 350 dog breeds. types. and varieties. Using a research-grade genotyping platform developed in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Embark offers the most accurate breed breakdown on the market.
  • Most accurate: In mixed breed dogs. Embark can precisely detect breed contributions down to 5% of the total breed make. This makes Embarks product more than twice as precise as other tests on the market that can only detect breed contributions of 12% or more.
  • Discover your dogs relatives: Find and connect with other dogs that share DNA with yours. Only Embark will give you a percentage of shared DNA between your dog and others that have been tested with Embark. Doggy DNA Relative Finder included with purchase.
  • Fast & easy: Simple cheek swab. Results generally available online in 3-5 weeks.

1. Active: Use the code in your kit to track your dogs sample
2. Swab: It just takes 30-60 seconds of swabbing your dogs cheeks
3. Send: Return shipping is free. Get results back in 3-5 weeks.


  • Brand: Embark
  • Test type: DNA Testing / Breed Identification