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Legxercise Pro LEGX-012

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About this item

  • Light Continuous Movement
  • For More and Faster Movement see Ellipse by LegXercise
  • Stimulate Leg Circulation
  • Strengthen Legs Weakened due to Inactivity
  • Reduce Swelling in your Legs, Ankles & Feet
  • Soothe Leg Pain, and Calm Restless Legs
  • Alleviate Leg & Foot Cramps

The Legex Gen2 Muscles and Blood Circulation Leg Exerciser is an easy to use leg mover that can temporarily relieve minor aches and pains. Features continuous motorised movement that provides passive exercise so you can lead a more active lifestyle even when sitting down digital step counter, effective ankle flex and 1920 steps 1.6km per hour. Includes remote control.

Product Description

Legxercise PRO is the easy-to-use, automatic leg mover that uses continuous movement to soothe pain and help promote healthy circulation the natural drug-free way!