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STIHL MS271 Farm Boss Chainsaw C 50.2 Cc, 2.6 KW

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  • Tackle even the toughest jobs with the STIHL MS 271 Farm Boss high-performance chainsaw. The 271 incorporates all of the very best features that STIHL saws have to offer. The MS 271 is an intermediate-sized tool with an 18-inch bar and a 50cc engine displacement. The saw is built for the serious home user. and it is able to handle a lot of wood. With a little experience. this saw is easy and safe to operate.With just under three-and-a-half horsepower. you can cut full-grown trees. At just over 12 pounds in weight. you work for hours without getting tired. The saw features a durable atmosphere intake filtration system with pre-separation.
  • The air intake is separated by centrifugal force. Heavy particles are eliminated and expelled before being fed through the filter. This procedure means the filter stays cleaner for a longer time than with traditional air filters. Should the air intake become clogged. a carburetor compensator goes into action. The compensator balances out the amount of reaching the carburetor by matching the intake with the ventilation. Carburetor heating is used to keep the engine from icing up in the freezing cold of winter. Once the winter mode is set on the chainsaw. the incoming atmosphere is pre-heated by passing it over the hot powerhead fins. The pre-heated atmosphere is then fed through the ventilation filter. The summer mode moves the air intake away from the powerhead to help prevent overheating.
  • The two settings can be changed with a simple flip of a switch.In designing the saw. Stihl utilizes advanced combustion technology. There are four overflow channels that spin the fuel-to-air mixture before it is ignited. This provides maximum burn and highly efficient performance. which means the MS271 burns more completely and produces more power with less . When the 271 is compared to a conventional two-stroke chainsaw. it creates 50 percent fewer emissions. The chainsaw offers a two-handed grip. a full safety throttle. an anti-kickback device and a front hand guard. The Farm Boss was designed with safety in mind so that even the most novice user is kept safe. The anti-vibration handle has built-in shock absorbers. which are designed to minimize the damage brought about by hours of use.
  • The MS271 includes a side-access chain tensioner adjustment. The 271 has a tool-free cap which is attached to the saw by tethers so that they cannot be lost. Lift the lever and twist the cap to remove or tighten it. A translucent tank makes it easy for you to visually check the fuel level without opening the lid.The MS 271 also features an automatic inertia-driven weighted chain brake. In the event of a kickback. it stops the saw within one second. In addition. the automatic chain oiler prevents you from having to stop working to add lubrication during long jobs. It cuts expenditures and conveys up to 20 percent longer run times between refueling because of the highly-efficient engine. Brawny and safe. the 271 was meant for large. demanding jobs.

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Product Key Features

  • ModelMS 271 Farm Boss
  • StyleTraditional

Additional Product Features

  • Guide Bar Size20
  • TypeArborist Chainsaw