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BOTTLED JOY Bottle|Sports Authority Water Bottle

Aug 09,2021 | bottledjoybottle



The BOTTLED JOY sports authority water bottle is the perfect size. I recently started going back to the gym and my trainer told me I need to start drinking more. First I bought a gallon milk container, but it was too flimsy and hard to clean. Then I tried to fill up a smaller water bottle many times a day but often lost count of the amount I had taken at the end of the day.

 Sports Authority Water Bottle Sports Authority Water Bottle

This BOTTLED JOY sports authority water bottle solves those issues and is a little more compact than I gallon jug. The rim of the bottle is wide enough to put ice cubes in and I can fit my scrubbing brush to clean the bottle. On the side there are measurements with what time each amount of water should be drank by. I found this very helpful as I usually try to down as much water as I can earlier in the day and then I’m peeing 20 times before noon.

This bottle helps me pace myself and adequately supply myself with water throughout the day. If you’re like me and have trouble drinking a gallon of water a day (I used to drink about a quarter of a gallon and was often dehydrated) this bottle will make it simple. Also, if you’re taking creatine and working out you need to drink a gallon of water a day.

Ok, I'm a guy, and wanted something to replace the typical one gallon water bottle bought at the store, to refill daily and was more hearty/leakproof. Everything else on Amazon has cute little words of inspiration on the side, or came in purpley colors. No thanks. I don't mind being in touch with my "feminine side" but alas, I just want to drink water and have something that helps me measure what I drank and what I have left.

 Sports Authority Water Bottle Sports Authority Water Bottle

This BOTTLED JOY sports authority water bottle seems to do the trick. I have only used it for a day but already it is exactly what I was looking for. Granted, there are some "motivational" quotes on the side, but nothing that is going to cause me to have to do some mansplaining to my pals.

 Sports Authority Water Bottle Sports Authority Water Bottle

Overall, exactly what I was looking for. Of course, somewhat difficult to clean, but any water bottle/jug of this side is going to be. That's what a bottle brush is for! Also appreciate the mouth of the spout which isn't just round/circular, but rather shaped so water doesn't go splashing all over my face and clothes when I take a swig. The seal on the top is sold too, and comes with a wrist wrap for good cause.

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